Thursday’s Angel Child HAS Far to Go!

As I began my previous tale with an epistolary rant from the Hon. Judith Noel as she championed the separation of her ‘poor Child’ from the ‘unmanly and despicable’ Ld B; the drama of which continues to reverberate and divide opinion some 200 years later; it is with a hint of mischief that I hand over the baton …

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Lady Melbourne Braves Opinion!

"Lady Melbourne the best and kindest female I ever knew" ~ Lord Byron. Educated, attractive and with a talent for ambition Elizabeth Milbanke would soon move away from provincial Yorkshire and by 1769 had married Peniston Lamb, a wealthy, foolish and easy going lawyer and as she worked hard to advance the fortune and the prestige of her family, she would become became one of the most celebrated Society Hostesses on behalf of the Whig Party...

Cheers! I Could Murder a Drink!

When Lady Byron left London and her husband in January 1816 she was to send him the following note: Dearest B., We arrived here safely - the child is the best of travellers. Now do leave off the abominable trade of versifying, and brandy, everything that is nau - - Byron was always the first to admit with brutal honesty that he …

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It’s Looking Sticky for the Arctic Monkeys AND Lord B!

One of my favourite songs is by the Arctic Monkeys called 'Black Treacle'... 'Now it's getting dark and the sky looks sticky More like black treacle than tar Black treacle' Ah, ah! I know what you are thinking! Black treacle and Lord Byron?